Now, Cancer Has an Answer



Ever thought that a microwave could play a vital role in combating the deadly cancer? Well, not really, right? Well, like many we all thought that good old microwave has no better place than mamma’s kitchen. If researchers are to be believed then it is high time to change our perception. For now microwave-activated nanoparticles could be used for treating cancer. Yes, you heard that right. Now, your humble microwave can be used to treat cancer.


But before we move any further, it is important to understand what nanoparticles are. These are extremely small pieces of matter measuring 1-100nm and have certain unusual characteristics that make them efficient in working cellular and inter-cellular level.


According a study published in The Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, an innovative way of targeting deeply situated cancerous tumor has been established. According to the published study material, the researchers of University of Texas, Arlington (UTA), activated the photosensitive nanoparticles using microwaves. These microwave-activated nanoparticles were then used to target the cancerous cells.


According to the lead researcher, Wei Chen, a Physicist at UTA, this modality of using a microwave for nanoparticle activation has shown immense potential in treating cancer cells.


This method of introducing nanoparticles into kill cancerous cells in tumors is called photodynamic therapy. This treatment involves the generation of singlet oxygen in the tumor cells by using the microwave activated nanoparticles. Singlet oxygen is a highly unstable and super reactive form of Oxygen, which on generation immediately kills the cell by damaging its mitochondria.


This study comes as a breakthrough for cancer treatment as the same team had earlier tried activating the Cu-Cy nanoparticles using X-Rays to get the same result. But the harmful effects of X-Rays on human body could not be ruled out. This method thus had extreme side ffects, thereby forcing the researchers to try new modalities to activate the nanoparticles.


In this new study, researchers have established the fact that now it is possible to use microwaves to activate Cu-Cy nanoparticles, which can then be used to directly target the cancer cells. These microwave-activated nanoparticles are target specific and don’t harm the non-cancerous cells.




The research team had used osteosarcoma or bone cancer cells (in cell cultures and lab animals) to test the new method of treatment. In both the cases these microwave-activated nanoparticles showed exceptional potential in killing the cancerous cells.


The fact that Cu-Cy nanoparticles are low on toxicity and easily available at cheaper cost of production makes them a better choice, as they too are luminescent particles that can be used for imaging purposes.


This research comes as a breakthrough for cancer treatment. Not only does this method offer a cheaper method with little or almost no side effects in comparison to traditional method of cancer treatment like radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The cheaper treatment cost will definitely come as relief for families, who relentlessly crusade against cancer, which till date had no answer. There now seems to be a silver lining for families, whose loved ones are battling a tiring battle against cancer.

Proven Smoking Cessation Techniques

ash traySmoking is addictive. That much is obvious, though most people probably do not know why smoking is addictive. It all comes down to nicotine, which is a crucial component of tobacco.

When you smoke, you take nicotine into your body. Nicotine produces a pleasant effect that, if you keep smoking, your brain quickly adapts to, so much so that you begin to crave the sensation you get every time you smoke.

Given time, you will build a tolerance to nicotine. In other words, you will find that your body no longer manifests the effects you desire for the amount of tobacco you used to inhale, this causing you to smoke more frequently than before.

At some point, you will find that you are unable to function without smoking, not without suffering some very unpleasant physical and mental consequences.

Smoking Cessation Methods

How do you stop smoking? This is the question plaguing many a smoking addict. And considering the health complications associated with smoking, anyone with a smoking addiction is encouraged to seek treatment where possible.

There are various smoking cessation methods that one could deploy in their efforts to quit smoking, the most prominent including the following:

1. Quitting Cold Turkey

This is exactly what it sounds like. You simply stop smoking, without using any additional aids or seeking outside help. This is the first approach most people take when they decide that they have had enough of the smoking habit.

However, only a tiny percentage ever succeeds. Quitting cold turkey is a herculean task, one that you should never undertake unless you know for certain that you have the fortitude necessary to contend with the withdrawal symptoms that will result.

2. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

When quitting cold turkey fails, people usually turn to nicotine replacement therapy. This is one of the safer smoking cessation methods out there. The idea is to wean patients off nicotine. Nicotine replacement therapy involves giving people access to nicotine using tools like nicotine patches and lozenges that do not involve the inhalation of tobacco.

Once you begin using nicotine replacement therapy aids, the idea is to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine you are introducing into your body, eventually stopping altogether.

Nicotine replacement therapy allows you to experience the pleasant effects of nicotine while removing the negative consequences of actually smoking a cigarette to get a nicotine high.

People younger than 18 years of age are not allowed to pursue nicotine replacement therapy without the permission of a doctor.

3. Medicine

It is possible to use pharmaceutical means to quit smoking. Drugs like Bupropion and Varenicline allow people to combat the effects of nicotine withdrawal; as such, smoking addicts are better placed to overcome this dangerous habit.

4. Behavioral Therapy

If you are struggling to quit smoking, it is essential that you visit a counselor. The right counselor will help you identify the triggers in your life that make you want to smoke. They will also help you design a successful plan to fight your nicotine addiction even while aiding you in your efforts to fight the cravings for tobacco.

Overcoming your smoking habit will not come easy. Even the best smoking cessation methods will not help you if you refuse to persevere, some tips and considerations you should keep in mind including the following:

1. Motivation

You need to find the proper motivation to quit smoking. Identify a reason that will drive you to persevere during the harshest moments of your rehabilitation. You have a higher chance of succeeding if you find a good reason to keep you motivated.

2. Prescription Pills

You do not have to struggle with your addiction on your own. Remember that there are prescription pills that can actually help you curb your cravings. In fact, there are drugs that can make smoking quite discomforting for you. You do not have to struggle needlessly, not when there are drugs that can ease your pain.

3. Support

You will need help to kick the habit of smoking. Talk to your friends and family about your determination to quit and allow them to help you through the difficult times ahead. If possible, avoiding dealing with this issue on your own.
Most importantly, do not fret over every single time you find yourself relapsing. Relapses are common among individuals with particularly strong addictions. Permanently kicking the smoking habit will take time. DO not simply throw in the towel just because you gave into temptation and smoked that one time. Keeping moving forward.

Benefits of the Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric dentistry

It’s always essential to check up teeth and gum frequently. It’s important to take care your smile and teeth both. There are several dental clinics who offer different kinds of dental services to their clients. Regular dental check up can reduce gum and teeth problem and make your mouth fresh. It’s important for young generation, older and for children’s as well. One of the best things a kid or child can achieve from going to the dentist frequently is the increase of good habits. Many young generations are very poor at taking care of their teeth and this routine is often rooted in childhood.

If children’s develop the routine of ignoring their oral health they will likely carry on it into adulthood. And then they may face different kinds of gum or teeth problem. Most of the people thought dental cleaning means pain, but it’s not true currently. Presently, most of the reputed dental clinic uses different kinds of advanced tools and machines through which they will do the treatment properly. It’s always better to make a practice for pediatric dentistry for your child from childhood.

Another advantage of taking your kid or children to a pediatric dentistry clinic is to keep their mouths fresh and healthy. Many teeth and gum problems only increase noticeable (discomfort, pain, cavity, etc.) symptoms after the difficulty has continued for some time. But if you go to the dentist, they will do proper treatment and it they will prevent the dental problem properly. Having your teeth cleaned assists remove stains reason by tea, coffee, tobacco, wine, and other products. Some medicines can also reason teeth to become stained. Proper dental treatment helps to reduce several kinds of dental problems like bad breadth, cavity, gum infection, etc. A reputed dental clinic always helps you to solve the problem from the root.

No one requires losing their teeth, but bad oral hygiene can cause in different gum disease, which means sustaining bone can be cracked as plaque moves further into the roots of the teeth. So, it’s always better to clean the teeth properly and brush regularly. Always choose a branded or reputed dental clinic for you or your child. A reputed dental clinic always has experienced and skilled doctors and nurses and they also use advanced technologies to clean the teeth or any other diseases. Presently, there are several dental clinics that provide complete customer support 24*7, so you can call any time for emergency purposes.

One more important advantage of taking your child to any pediatric dentistry clinic is, they will teach your child why check up is important. So that in future they understand the importance of dental care and get proper treatment. When a kid or child is admired for having clean teeth they are likely to keep them that way. A good dentist is vital for everybody, especially children. By visiting frequently children can keep their mouths and gum clean and develop good behavior that is necessary for the rest of their lives. So, search the internet and get the best dental clinic now or go to Garden Grove Dentist if you live in that vicinity of southern California.

The Effects of Sugar On Dental Health

SugarYou will always hear from dentists or read from tooth care articles that avoiding sugar is the best way to keep your teeth healthy and strong. But what are the effects of sugar with your dental health?

Sugar has been an essential part of our diets. From cereals and bread that we eat to carbonated beverages, almost everything that we eat, sweet or not sweet, contains sugar. When we consume sugar, the bacteria that dwell in our mouth convert it to acid. The acid eats away the enamel, finally forming a hole. The length of the attack will depend on various factors including saliva in your mouth and how long the sugary food stays in your mouth. Initial tooth decay might not have symptoms but your dentist will be able to spot a cavity even in its early stages.

However, the amount of sugar you eat is not the only factor that can affect your teeth. How and when you eat them is also important in keeping your teeth healthy. If you eat foods loaded with sugar such as cakes, cookies, candies or sodas throughout the day, you will be exposing your teeth to harmful effects of acids. Foods that contain loads of sugar are dangerous because they dissolve slowly in our mouth. Dentists recommend you consume foods 3 hours apart.

It is important to keep in mind that the acid in your mouth will start eating away your teeth. With time, you will feel pain and remain prone to cavities. To keep your teeth strong and healthy, you should adopt a good cleaning regime. It is also good to eat sugary or starchy foods with meals because the production of saliva during this time will be increased. The saliva will wash away the sugar and bacteria. The bad time to eat sugary food is before bedtime particularly if you do not brush your teeth before going to bed. This is because saliva production when you sleep is a lot less.

For most people, it is difficult to eliminate sugary stuff completely. Here are some tips to prevent food decay.

1. Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal, and if possible, you can rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash.

2. Sugar-free gum can prevent tooth decay. Therefore, choose sugar-free options where possible. This is because it increases saliva production.

3. Eat sugary things during meal time, and if you can avoid them completely. You can substitute them with fruits, cheese, raw veggies, nuts or popcorn.

4. Make sure you brush your teeth at least 2 times a day and use toothpaste that contains fluoride.
Fluoride will protect your teeth from acid effects. It will also strengthen the tooth’s enamel.

5. Ensure you floss at least once every day to get rid of plaque located between the teeth.

6. Make sure you visit your dentist at least 6 months for cleaning and routine checkups. This will ensure signs of tooth decay are detected early.

By knowing the effects of sugar with your dental health, you will be able to arm yourself.

How Often To Go For Dental Check Ups

Dentist Light

Years ago a visit to the dentist was a rare occurrence, and many dentists worked on repairing problems with people’s teeth rather than preventing them. There were no guidelines on how often to get dental check ups and information on proper oral care was also hard to come by. Today, however, health organizations have made a strong effort to educate the public about oral health and how important it is to keep on top of your dental care. It’s highly recommended that you visit the dentist at least twice a year for checkups and cleaning, and this has remained an accepted standard for a while now.

However if you are suffering from certain tooth or gum problems. If you have symptoms such as bleeding gums, certain medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, if you have pain or swelling in your mouth, difficulty chewing or swallowing, have bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth, these are all signs that you have to visit your dentist regularly. This could also include those who have a long history of mouth diseases in the family, pregnant women, smokers and anyone who is undergoing medical treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Even if you take good care of your teeth and gums you still need to visit regularly. Your dentist checks for early signs of problems that can later be devastating if not dealt with properly. Things like, gum disease, cavities, and oral cancer cannot always be seen or felt immediately until they are at an advanced stage. That is why it is important to frequently receive check-ups to maintain oral health so problems can be treated at a manageable stage. Visiting the dentist twice a year works well for most people and some people can manage less frequent visits because they have less risk of cavities or gum disease. However there are certain groups of high-risk people who need to ensure they have regular attention to avoid problems. These groups include those who smoke cigarettes, diabetics, and people with current gum disease, people with weak immune response to bacterial infection and people who tend to get cavities or build ups of plaque.

During your lifetime you might find you need to visit the dentist more regularly due to stress or illness and other times less so because you may be more resilient to cavities or gum disease, your dentist will advise on the best schedule for visits. To ensure that you keep good oral health it is of vital importance to take care of a few oral basics.

Brushing at least twice a day and especially before sleeping is imperative. Having a routine three minutes of brushing ensures your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Choosing a toothbrush with soft round bristles will avoid injuring you gums and wearing down the hard layer of your teeth. You must also change your toothbrush every three months because worn out bristles can also injure your gums. Flossing is an excellent way to remove hard to reach places that catch food and mouthwash also help prevent cavities and plaque build-up.

Quality Dental Services for Your Family

If you are interested in dental services for your family, there many dentists that you can find on the market. However, when it comes to matters of health, there is no gambling about it. You cannot afford to get services with quality less than one hundred percent. Even though medical malpractice can be compensated under the law, severe consequences may arise. Thus, you need a person you can trust with these services. To be on the safe side, insist on a credited professional person whenever you are looking for dental services for the family.

dental service

Nevertheless, the fact that you are looking for an experienced dentist does not mean that you should be charged a fortune of the Glad Lake dental services. The fee for the services should be reasonable irrespective of whether you need teeth check up or composite teeth fillings. An ideal dentist is the one who is flexible when it comes to payments. Another important thing to consider is whether the quality of services provided will bung the bucks. There is no need of going to a cheap dentist and experience serious problem later or incur more fees in the future. Also, a good dentist will offer you with discounts and credits.

A family dentist should also be in a position to provide you with broad Gland Lake dental services. Full range services should be provided. Right from teeth check up to solving of the teeth problems that you may be experiencing. Your dentist should be your one stop shop for all your dental issues. Dental implants sedation dentistry should be available and services to do with bonding of your teeth need be available too. Dentists should also provide surgery services as well as well as aesthetic contouring of teeth.

All the products that are needed for your teeth should be available. For instance, teeth whitening products such whitening toothpaste need be at their disposal. This will save you the time required to fetch a product that is needed for offering the services. Needless to say, a right dentist for your family should have all the equipment necessary to provide high quality dental services. You should avoid that dentist who will refer you to others when it comes to offering of some services. Just be because they do not have the necessary tools to provide such services to you.

For you to get Gland Lake dental services that can be trusted, you need to go for licensed dentists. You can check if an individual dentist is licensed by visiting websites of various dental boards. You will also know if the board has taken any disciplinary action against the dentist of your choice. Your ideal dentist should be the one who is available for emergency dental care. This means that are supposed to look for a person who can work outside the business hours. Free consultation should also be offered by a reliable dentist. A compassionate doctor should also be your number one choice. You can also ask for referrals from your kith and kin.